Stranger Jones Credits

Recent Songs

I'm the One to Blame
2000 Stranger Jones
Sue Fisher, piano
Stranger Jones, vocals
Music and lyrics by Stranger Jones

Lurks the Shark
1999 Stranger Jones

lurks the shark

CD produced by Sue Fisher and Stranger Jones
All songs written by Stranger Jones

Stranger Jones (guitars, vocals)
Baz (bass)
Sue Fisher (piano, background vocals, marimba on "John Hammond," percussion on "You've Got" and "Little Hells")
Ethan Winogrand (drums)
Adam Sussman (percussion on "Stranger Respond")
Ross Bonadonna (baritone sax on "Nature")
Eric Mingus (vocals on "John Hammond")

Engineered by Sue Fisher, Ethan Winogrand, Ross Bonadonna, and Mick Cantarella

Mixed by Sue Fisher and Stranger Jones at Grampa Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Mastered by Sue Fisher at Mom's, Brooklyn, NY

Recorded at Wombat Recording Co., Winogrand Studios, and Grampa Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Art and Design by Akiko Yamamoto
Photos by Aileen McKay

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